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Bossun Kitchenware Appliances  Toasters Electric Ovens 9L white toasters ovens description: 8/1/2021 6:23:17 PM

*9 Litre capacity
* 220v-240v 50/60Hz  850w
* Selector:4 stages, Off,top heating,bottom heating,
   both top&bottom heating
* Timer:15 minutes with automatic shut-off and bell ring

* Housing: white/black powder coating steel
* Inside chamber :Aluminized
* Heating tube:quartz
* Glass window:Heat-resistant tempered glass
* Accessories: Aluminized bake pan,wire rack

Golorbox size:
390*280*250 mm

Carton size:
400*570*520 mm

Product size:
368*252*217 mm

Inside chamber size:
260*205*171 mm

Loading Quantity:
20'GP: 800 PCS
40'GP: 1720 PCS
40'HQ: 2040 PCS

Toasters Ovens electric Oven

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Wholesale price: USD
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